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12 Incredibly Fascinating X-Rays Of Pregnant Animals

We are all familiar with the appearance of human ultrasounds. They’ve probably been on your social media feeds a few times.

Peering into the ultrasounds of pregnant animals, on the other hand, is completely fascinating since it brilliantly exposes the complexities of multiple fetuses forming from within.

As they’re packed and unhatched in the enlarged stomachs of each animal and shown by x-rays, guinea pigs, snakes, and turtles all appear wildly different.

#1 A Pregnant Cat

#2 Pregnant Turtle

#3 A Pregnant Guinea Pig

#4 A Pregnant Francois Langur Monkey

#5 A Pregnant Dog

#6 A Pregnant Snake

#7 A Pregnant Kiwi

#8 A pregnant tree skink

#9 A pregnant shark

#10 A pregnant bearded dragon

#11 A pregnant raccoon

#12  A pregnant deer



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