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22 Photographs Of Beautiful Libraries While Traveling Around The World

Travel photographer from New York and he visited 101 countries to explore our everyday world. his favourite subject to shoot is architecture.

Libraries hold some of the most treasured interior architecture. They are beautiful, colourful, ornate and exquisite to photograph. Here are many of the libraries that were photographed during his travels.

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#1 Morgan Library And Museum, New York

#2  NY Public Library, New York

#3 Strahov Library, Prague, Czech Republic

#4 Hendrik Conscience Heritage Library, Antwerp, Belgium

#5 Real Gabinete Library, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

#6 Saint Genevieve Library, Paris, France

#7 Austrian National Library, Vienna, Austria

#8 Stuttgart Municipal Library, Stuttgart, Germany

#9 House Of The Redeemer Library, New York, NY

#10 State Library Of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia

#11 Red Cross Library, Lisbon, Portugal

#12 Riiks Museum Library, Amsterdam, Netherlands

#13 Jose Vasconcelos Library, Mexico City, Mexico

#14 Los Angeles Public Library, Los Angeles, California

#15 Boston Public Library, Boston, Mass

#16 Vienna College Library, Vienna, Austria

#17 Biblioteca Joanina, Coimbra, Portugal

#18 University Library, Leuven, Belgium

#19 Mafra Library Iv, Portugal

#20 National Library Of China, Beijing

#21 Mitchell Library, Sydney, Australia

#22 National Library Of Latvia, Riga, Latvia



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