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22 Times People Took Posing With Many Statues To Another Level

Sculptures have become a unique form of art. And you can find them in many tourist spots. Because they not only add to the attractiveness of the area but also provide many ways for people to have fun. You might have seen some weird-looking sculptures set up in the funniest ways possible, and the first thing that would come to your mind when you saw one would be to take a picture with it. But are you someone who knows how to pose like a statue?

Well, you might think that all it takes to pose with a sculpture is to stand next to it. Still, if you take a picture of yourself doing that, the picture will be so “common” that even you won’t see anything special about it. But when the image is taken in a way that makes the sculpture look perfect, it is a masterpiece. Here are some photos captured by people who have mastered the art.

By posing in such strange ways, these people have made the sculpture look even better, and we hope you will enjoy these photos and even send us similar ones you have taken. So, let’s see what the best pose ever would be!

#1: Give Him A Kiss Like This!

#2: Is This A Statue Or A Real Person?

#3: Real Laughter Has No Limits!

#4: Is She That Delicious Guy?

#5: This Is How I Force My Son To Go To School When He Wants To Stay Home.

#6: Beat This Worm!

#7: What You Did Wasn’t Funny At All?

#8: Is This A Green Human Being?

#9: You Must Often Shave If You Are A Famous Figure.

#10: Oh My God! What Does He Have In His Hand?

#11: One Of The Best Selfies You Can Ever Get.

#12: Grab It While They Are Kissing!

#13: Is That Bear Cuddling Him Or Going To Taste Him?

#14: See How We Post Things On Social Media.

#15: Don’t Kill Him, Guys, Please!

#16: What A Sweet Kiss!

#17: Please, Honey, I Didn’t Talk With Her.

#18: It’s Time To Clean The Nose.

#19: Lighters Are Useless If You Are Near The Liberty Statue.

#20: Please Let That Cute One Be With Me.

#21: What Would Be Their Secret?

#22: This Is How A Lot Of Deals Are Closed In The World.



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