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20+ Times Parents Failed Miserably In Trying To Excite Their Children With “Elf On The Shelf”

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Elf on the Shelf, it is a Christmas custom in which Santa sends a special scout to keep an eye on the kids. By day, the Christmas elf monitors the children and returns to the North Pole each night to report if they were bad or good. While the children find this tradition to be quite exciting, their parents find it to be a little more complicated. It’s more difficult than you may think to come up with innovative ideas and remember to alter the posture of the doll 25 nights in a row.

Things don’t always go as planned, whether it’s forgetting the elf in the fireplace or arranging the dolls to seem like something out of a horror film. Here are some of the most amusing Elf on the Shelf mishaps that will make you laugh out loud.

#1 I Tried To Write A Funny Elf Bathtub Message, But It Turned Out To Be A Little Cryptic

The Elf on the Shelf tradition began in 2005 with the publication of a children’s book. Carol Aebersold and her daughter Chanda Bell’s book The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition was a huge hit. Millions of households now bring out their elves every year for nearly a month, from Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve, to spread the festive cheer.

If you’re wondering how to establish this custom in your family, it’s actually fairly simple. You purchase the doll, modify it to your liking, and read the tale to your children since it has all the information you want about your elf. The youngsters must, however, obey one important rule: they must not touch the elf or it will lose its power. Furthermore, because the elf only moves after the children have fallen asleep and caused trouble while roaming around the home, the parents must find a new hiding location for it every night. On their official corporate website, you can learn more about the custom and the entire narrative.

#2 When I looked through our window, I saw that when she was backlit, she didn’t look as cute as I had hoped

#3 Things became a little toastier than expected.

#4 “What is the Elf doing to my doll?” my daughter screamed as she ran into my room. I was under the impression that they were dancing.

#5 Did A Cute Angel Thing For The Elf. The Cat Thought It Was Litter And Did A Giant St On My Kitchen Side. My Poor Kids. We Go To Find The Elf And He’s Had A Giant St?

#6 Balding Barry… Our Elf’s Hat Came Off So We Decided To Super Glue It To No Avail. Hey, Let’s Use Nail Polish Remover To Get The Glue Off….laughing Hysterically Ever Since!!!


#7 Snow Angels In Sugar Turned Out Looking More Like A Crime Scene

#8 There’s an intruder on the loose!

#9 The Kitchen Floor Is Stained After An Elf On The Shelf Display Goes Horribly Wrong

Lyndsey Sahota

#10 I Bit The Children’s Christmas Elf’s Head Off

#11 Set The Elf Up Eating Cheetos, And Didn’t Notice Where I Sprinkled Them Until My Kids Started Laughing

#12 Last year, we set our creepy elf on fire, so here’s a reminder. Ooops. Y’all, don’t let your elves sit on the light fixtures

#13 Elf On The Shelf Was No Match For Booker The Boston

#14 Bearded Dragon Don’t Like Intruders Even If They’re Santas Little Helper

#15 I discovered the Elf covered in nail polish and attempted to remove it as well as repair the Elf’s face

#16 When Your Husband Thinks Sitting On A Wall Sconce Was A Good Idea… Rip Chippy

#17 Set The Elf Near The Toilet, And He Fell In Right Away

#18 When a baby boy wakes up, he looks for his elf. He tracks her down and accuses her of drawing on the bananas. “Nothing, she just scribbled on them,” he says when I ask what she drew

#19 The Elf was snatched by a new puppy, and the rest is history.

#20 I Seriously Forgot I Put The Freaking Elf In The Freaking Oven

Brittany Mease

#21 Well….i Thought It Would Be Funny. My Kids… Not So Much ??. Both Had Tears And Told The Elf They Didn’t Like Her Anymore



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