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7 New Comics From Pixie and Brutus, the Adorable Couple

The webcomic series Pixie and Brutus that follows compassion between a tiny, joyful, energetic kitten, and her large, scar-faced German Shepherd have united both cat lovers and dog lovers. According to their cartoonist, the animal adventure began as a random comic idea, but since people really liked the series, he kept it up.

The playful, humorous, sweet storyline of Pixie and Brutus now has 1.7 Million Instagram followers. It doesn’t matter whether you have been following their comic strip already or you haven’t experienced it so far, the unlikely friendship of this Kitten and Doggy can always bring a smile to the face of the fans, anytime. More Info: Website | Instagram | Patreon


the Pixie and Brutus fandom is fast expanding, so Hed has decided to launch a goods line to keep them occupied. The cartoonist previously told Bored Panda that plushies of Pixie and Brutus were in the works, and it now appears that we might expect them in the near future: “Actually, I’m going to start with simply Pixie.” There are still a few tweaks to be done, but if I had to guess, I’d say we’ll start selling in about three months. We can do other characters if we sell enough Pixie plushies ( Brutus next, most likely).


performance, but I worried about it before I developed Pixie and Brutus as well.” His Instagram followers skyrocketed after that interview, something he claims never fails to amaze him.


Not only does he not feel pressure from his admirers, but their comments really inspire him. “I’ve gotten a lot of positive responses. What they loved about the comic, what they expected would happen, future comic ideas, and new character ideas. A few of comics in my feed are probably fully inspired by a comment on one of my posts.”


Hed has become a full-time illustrator as Pixie and Brutus have grown older, and while he claims he now receives a lot less sun, little has changed for his two characters. “I believe Brutus has been increasingly less aggressive towards other characters as of late, but other than that, their designs are a little different from the original P and B comic.” It’s essentially the same.”

So, what can we expect from this dynamic duo’s future adventures? For the time being, Hed is just concerned with producing entertaining comics, but there is still room for fantasy. “I’ve been thinking of adapting them into a television program, but that’s a long way off.” Probably not going to happen… but who knows.”



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