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A journalist makes history by being the first person to provide news with a Maori face tattoo

Oriini Kaipara read the news bulletin for Newshub at 6 p.m. on Monday, December 27 after being invited to step in for regular hosts Sam Hayes and Mike McRoberts. The 37-year-old’s chin tattoo – called a moko kauae- is one traditionally worn by Māori women and she noted how it has been her lifelong dream to read primetime news sporting it.


The newsreader stated that she got the tattoo in 2017 after a DNA test revealed she was 100 percent Mori. Kaipara noted how ‘exciting’ it was and how much she was ‘enjoying it’ to be the first woman to have a Māori face tattoo on a primetime news bulletin, , Stuff reports.


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Kaipara described Newshub as having a “nice team” and that she doesn’t “felt the strain as much as she did when she first started out in journalism.”

‘However, it comes with putting in the hard work, and then recognizing and executing it is really exhilarating,’ she said.


‘Not only for Mori, but also for people of color, it’s establishing new ground.’ She concluded, “Whether you have a moko kauae or not.”





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