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Her Journey Of Fighting For The Right To Pass Away Voluntarily

Holly Warland is a 30-year-old woman who has Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy and has earned the right to die. Her home state of Queensland (Australia) authorized Voluntary Assisted Dying (previously known as euthanasia) for those with terminal conditions in 2021. She battled and advocated for this law so that she could choose when and how she would terminate her agony.

Other people with LGMD will have various experiences, and some will even be able to lead very normal lives. However, she can only infer that mine is a particularly aggressive instance due to a lack of expertise or study. There aren’t many medicines or therapies that can improve her diminishing strength.

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#1 A little humour goes a long way

#2 Sick with one of her kitties

#3 Lots of concentration is needed to stay upright

#4 There’s no sugar-coating disability

#5 Literally EVERYTHING hurts

#6 Waking up to these dry heaves was a daily occurrence for a year

#7 Medical cannabis changed my life

#8 Dying With Dignity VAD rally, Brisbane QLD

#9 she wishes she could rewind to just a few years ago when she could go for walks around her neighbourhood

#10 Existence is a pain for (me)eseeks!

#11 Nap buddies are good for helping you sleep the days away

#12 Using an oxygen machine to help catch her breath

#13 Hot flushes, sweats, and painful muscle cramps

#14 A moment’s rest in her shower chair. Haven’t had a shower by herself in years

#15 husband and she got married in early 2021 while trying their hardest not to catch COVID

#16 Not enough sassy t-shirts in the world – so she started making her own!

#17 her story published in a local magazine

#18 SlothLife

#19 Close shaves are the easiest to manage when you spend all day stuck in bed

#20 she likes to play with wigs

#21 The fluffiest cuddle buddy

#22 her wedding day!



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