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In a Nursing Home, a 100-Year-Old And 102-Year-Old Couple Fall In Love And Marry

A couple meets falls in love, and only a few months later, they’re married at the courthouse. It’s a familiar story—except, in this case, we’re not talking about a young starry-eyed couple. Instead, it’s two older citizens, each above the age of 100.

Both John and Phyllis Cook live in the Kingston Residence, a Sylvania, Ohio elder care home. They met and built a deep bond because their flats were only a floor apart.

Phyllis, who will turn 103 this summer, told WNWO, “To tell you the truth, we fell in love with each other.” “I understand you would think that’s a little far-fetched for someone our age, but we fell in love with each other.”

“We were just similar in a number of ways, and we found ourselves enjoying each other’s company,” John, a 100-year-old WWII veteran, explained. They had both been married twice previously and were both widows.

However, their quality time together extends beyond Bingo. “Well, I definitely shouldn’t talk about that,” John said when asked what their favourite thing to do together was.

Phyllis, on the other hand, was more forthright:

“Neither he nor I am fully sexually dead!” KHOU 11 was told by Phyllis. “I just don’t believe in hopping in bed like a Christian unless you’re married,” she said, citing her principles.

So John decided to turn her into an honest lady, and the two of them went to the courthouse to get a marriage certificate.


They had no idea they’d be married as they left the courtroom.

“It wasn’t the plan,” John told WNWO, “but we arrived here and they said we could marry you here.”

He apparently couldn’t wait to start married life: “I responded, ‘Good, let’s get it over with.'”

The pair has a lot more happy years ahead of them. Phyllis’ mother lived to reach 106, so they may have some decent genes working for them despite their age.







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