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Medical Staff Calls Transgender Dad “Mother” Transgender Dad Criticizes Medical Staff for Calling Him “Mother”

Bennett Kaspar-Williams discovered he was transsexual a decade ago. He began his transition three years later, and in 2017 he met his future husband Malik, with whom he married two years later. Bennett determined he would be comfortable conceiving and having a kid after the couple decided they wanted children and studied their possibilities. He found out he was pregnant in March 2020, just before the United States’ first lockdown began.

Bennett gave birth to his son, Hudson, through caesarean section in October 2020, but he claims that while in the hospital, he was repeatedly misgendered by the medics.



‘The one thing that made me dysphoric about my pregnancy was the misgendering that occurred while I was receiving medical treatment for my pregnancy,’ he explained.’Despite having a full beard, a flat chest, and a’male’ gender marker on all of my identification, people couldn’t help but call me “mom,” “mother,” or “ma’am.”



Bennett calls bearing a kid during the pandemic “the single toughest, bravest thing I’ve ever done,” and the finest part of becoming a father is when Hudson “discovers he can do something new and runs up to me.”



‘Children see love, they see patience, and they see dedication,’ he explained. ‘I’m sure my son will accept that he came from me with open arms, just as he welcomes all the other love and beauty around him.’






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