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“The Lost Sons of the Anunnaki”: DNA Genes of Unknown Species from Melanesian Tribes

The annual conference of the American Society of Human Genetics was held on October 20, and the results were remarkable. People in Melanesia (a region in the South Pacific that encompasses Papua New Guinea and its nearby islands) may have some undiscovered genes in their DNA, according to the data they obtained. Unidentified DNA may belong to a previously undiscovered humanoid race, according to geneticists.


According to Ryan Bohlender, one of the study’s researchers, the species isn’t Neanderthal or Denisovan, but rather something else entirely. He explained, “Either we’re losing a population or we’re misinterpreting something about connections.”

Denisovans are a hominid genus that has gone extinct. They were called after a finding in the Denisova cave in the Altai Mountains of Siberia, where the first part of this species’ bone was discovered. This intriguing relative of ours is shrouded in mystery. For the time being, little is known about Melanesians.

“Human history is far more convoluted than we previously believed,” Bohlender added. It is, without a doubt. However, the complicated history of mankind is revealed piece by piece. And it appears that discoveries like these point to one conclusion: we are not who we believe we are. I think you’ll love this quote from the study:

Reiterate your Anunnaki theory. The twelfth planet, known as Nibiru, was occupied by humanoids quite similar to ourselves, according to Genesis’ narrative. They proceeded on a mission around the solar system to obtain gold, a special metal that could cure their planet, when they faced a grave issue in the atmosphere.


Around 432,000 years before Christ, as Nibiru approached Earth’s orbit, the Nibiruans employed spaceships to deliver people and critical items from their planet to Earth. The sophisticated creatures constructed bases in ancient Mesopotamia after reaching the surface. Many think that this is the genuine season of humanity’s genesis — in the Anunnaki geneticists’ laboratories. And practically every day, a new study verifies this notion. It presents a vision that might provide a solution to one of our most fundamental questions:

We must dive down where no one has gone before to find the indisputable answer to this secular puzzle. But saying it is easier than doing it. Analyzing the buried microscopic recordings within each of us is another method to go about it. The Anunnaki realized that their DNA was the secret to creating the perfect slave. As human beings, we must do the same in our never-ending search for our actual genealogy.

Another group of scientists recently reached a similar result. Scientists investigated DNA samples from 83 aboriginal Australians, led by evolutionary geneticist Eske Willerslev of the Natural History Museum in Denmark. They also evaluated 25 people from Papua New Guinea’s traditional highland groups. The researchers were surprised to find foreign DNA in the genomes of study participants that was comparable to Denisovan. Remember this. It was simply referred to as “identical” to the Denisovan by the researchers. Even yet, the group that gave the participants’ forefathers their DNA is unknown.




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