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This Temple Was Carved Out Of A Single Rock. No one Knows How ‘The Builders’ Completed It!

archaeologists have discovered a temple fashioned out of mountain granite by the ancients. This temple is located near Elora, Maharashtra, India. It is known by two names: Kailasa and Kailash. The majority of Hindus come to this temple to seek blessings. King Krishna I of the Rashtrakuta dynasty in ancient India ordered this to be built.

#1 Archaeologists Baffled By The Kailasa Temple

It forms part of a temple complex of 34 cave temples which were of similar construct.

#2 The Construction

This Hindu temple is unique in that, unlike many temples erected from the ground up, it was carved out of a mountain’s granite face. A whopping 400,000 tonnes of rock were excavated and hauled out to allow for even more inventiveness. During the temple’s building.

This temple was built about the eighth century A.D., and it’s amazing to think that the technology of the time could have contributed to such a massive undertaking. When you consider the size of the project, it’s hard to believe it took so long to finish this magnificent temple. Scientists estimate that it took fewer than 18 years to complete.

#3 Architecture

The Kailasa temple is one the of 34 monasteries and temples which span over an area of 2 kilometers. As they were all cut out of the mountainside, they are cooperatively known as the Elora caves, carved out from a basalt cliff.



The temple is dedicated to the worship of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva, and the temple’s interior is lined with divinities of both lords. Three-story arcades encircle the courtyard’s circumference, displaying several sculptures and panels of great beauty and design.





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